creative support for mental health
More and more research and experience in the treatment of mental health symptoms shows the power, impact and importance of creativity and 'purposeful play'.
MakeShift is an innovative series of sessions and courses, alongside one-off workshops designed to connect a creative habit or practice, with helping to manage symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and burn out.
MakeShift is an intervention program that uses the combination of evidence-based creative activities, along with cognitive behaviour therapy tools, mindfulness, strengths based skill-building, and fostering peer support relationships, for a highly impactful experience.

This program includes the following:

+ 8 week course for community
+ 8 week course for Injured Workers
+ MakeShift Creative Workshops
+ Mental Health First Aid

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MakeShift courses and workshops are also available to NDIS clients. We are an unregistered provider.
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We help unlock individual potential within a shared environment of purposeful play that builds and strengthens community.
We are a non-profit organisation.