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Rumpus is a non-profit social enterprise that uses purposeful play as a tool to unlock, build and strengthen community. At the heart of all the programs, events and projects that we do, is the Skillshare Program.

Skillshare invites anyone in the community to share a skill by teaching a class. We are not seeking experts, we are seeking passionate individuals who are eager to pass their knowledge along.

Putting on a workshop can be daunting. Often insurance is required, documentation to hire the venue, an ABN, not to mention having an easy ticketing system, marketing, promotion, bookings, website, administration!

The Rumpus Skillshare Program offers skilled people the opportunity to have a go at workshop delivery, just focusing on their knowledge, class content and delivery. We take on the behind-the-scenes jobs, the insurance risk, the booking process. We provide the space for people to develop skills in public speaking, facilitation and sharing of knowledge. We help people come together based on a shared passion or interest.

Teaching a Class

Our invitation is simple: all of us, from all walks of life, have something to offer, something to share and pass on. You may have honed a baking technique that is the envy of friends, or sew your own clothes, know how to build a backyard oven, or create sculpture out of natural materials. But taking that skill to share in a workshop setting can be a lot of work!

It firstly takes confidence in believing that others will want to learn from you, and are interested in your skill. Then there is the logistics, planning, red tape, marketing, promotion, systems and finding an audience.

What Rumpus offers is to remove any stress and work around organising a venue, promoting the event, taking bookings, organising insurance, materials and information for participants, and managing the overall event on the day. We do this for you!

This means you can fully concentrate on designing a great learning experience for the class, and can just turn up and deliver it.

We want teaching with us to be a positive, rewarding experience. We also believe that many people have what it takes to pass on their skills and, in the right setting and atmosphere, can build their repertoire as a totally fantastic community trainer.

What we require from you is:

  • To design and plan a short class on your topic (3 hours max) remembering that in a short time it is designed to offer participants a ‘taste’ of this skill (we can help you!)
  • To contribute your knowledge to a short class handout (Using our Template)
  • To provide us with a short bio for our website, and even a nice photo of yourself to accompany it. People like to know who is going to be teaching them
  • Occasionally we might call on you to be involved in media promotion of your class and/or Rumpus extra curricular events
  • Complete an online teacher form with specific details - to be sent via email

An open mind and sense of adventure!

Sound interesting? Email us at skillshare@therumpus.com.au

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