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Why we need creativity and mental safety

Psychological safety is the most critical feature of high performing teams, productive workplaces, with high retention rates and low incidences of workplace injury. (Google Aristotle 2017)
When team members feel able to make mistakes, take risks and be vulnerable with each other, research has found this leads to innovation, to shared motivation for success, greater productivity and higher performance from employees.

Building a culture of psychological safety can be highly challenging for service-based workplaces and large organisations.Creative experiences foster the right conditions,and have ALL the ingredients to strengthen the 'muscles' to build psychological safety in teams and workplaces..

Our 3 hour training for Managers, Leaders and HR includes:

What is psychological safety at work, and why is it important?

What do the case studies tell us?

How creativity and creative experiences provide all the ingredients to build the muscle of psychological safety?

An experiential, hands-on learning process

Our expertise is in training and facilitation, mental health and capacity building, and social prescribing and workplace teambuilding.

We help unlock individual potential within a shared environment of purposeful play that builds and strengthens community.
We are a non-profit organisation.