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3 Day Puppet Carving Workshop

6 hrs per day
Clifton School of Arts

Learn the old and nearly forgotten craft of carving a stringed marionette puppet straight from a log. You'll spend three days designing, carving and bringing to life a timeless companion for people of all ages to enjoy, using traditional tools such as a small axe and a range of whittling knives.

There are only a handful of people making puppets this way throughout the world, so join professional wood carver and craftsman, Jeff Donne to learn the pleasures of slow carving and breathing new life into an old craft and a new hand carved friend.

This full 3 day event is catered with lunch and endless cups of tea and coffee.

Set at the beautiful Clifton School of Arts, a historic landmark building, superbly positioned just south of the iconic Sea Cliff Bridge. With parking just across the road.

This Master class requires no wood carving skills, but is taught by a Master in his field. Jeff Donne's ability to teach this art of slow carving is a wonderful experience.

Day 1: Design and carving basics

Day 2: Carving and assembly

Day 3: Stringing and painting + the bringing to life of your own puppet!

Jeff Donne

This is Jeff's Story.... read more on his website for an intriguing story...

I'm Jeff, a spoonsmith from Pambula on the beautiful NSW Sapphire Coast. I make wooden puppets and cutlery buddies to take with you on your favourite adventures. I make new garden tools from old, chairs for resting and dining, and bowls and spoons for eating yummy delights, which I guess makes me just about the only paddock-to-plate woodsmith around.

I start with a sustainably sourced tree and use only simple hand tools and a sprinkling of lost ways to make a range of soulful goods. Shaping wood by hand for the sake of happy growing, playing and eating is something that I like to share, so I also pass these skills onto others through a range of little courses to suit everyone from beginners up.

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