5 Week Illustration Class

2 hours
$30 casual pass
Bulli Surf Club

In this weekly class series, you'll have time to focus on your illustration practice and get those creative juices flowing. Coming into the winter months, It's a great opportunity to commit to making time out for yourself!

Jason Howe will be there to guide you on whatever interests you... manga, fashion, portraits, landscapes, sketching your pets, or simply copying photos… Within the 5 weeks Jason will also set up a still life that includes challenging components (dark and light, round and square, perspective etc) to push those creative boundaries.

Bring along your favourite art supplies and paper/journal. Jason will also have different paper, pencils, charcoals, pastels available for people to experiment with.

It’s all about growing in skills, confidence and the enjoyment of art, in an informal creative environment with like-minded people.

This class is also perfect tutelage for HSC major work students. win-win!

5x Thursday evenings 30/5 - 27/6

Jason Howe

Jason was born near the southern beaches of Sydney, Australia and started drawing at an early age in front of the TV. With one hand grasping a crayon the other was dipping a spoon into his breakfast cereal while watching his favourite Saturday morning cartoons. Drawing on his passion for Warner Brothers and Disney cartoons, newspaper comic strips, the street art characters of Vaughn Bode and skateboard graphics of the 80’s and 90’s, these styles and influences have been swept up into his imagination and now, whether it’s ball point pen, oils, acrylics even Photoshop, these post-pop-hip-hop doodles dance their way onto paper, panel and pixel and reveal themselves as a delightful abundance of character driven fine art.



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