Workshop: A Cure of Cooking

3 hrs
Five Islands Studios, Port Kembla

A prescription of cooking for managing anxiety, stress and depression.

Preparing food is something we have to do every single day to survive! At it's most basic, it is a simple task of feeding our bodies, yet for so many is an overwhelming world of recipes, techniques, and pressure to be restaurant quality!

With space and focus, cooking is a creative process that can be an incredibly grounding, sensory experience of joy and pleasure. With a few simple tips, you can learn how to get into a calm state of flow in the kitchen, make delicious food for yourself, and have fun in the process.

This workshop is co-facilitated with Rumpus, and begins with learning about our Window of Tolerance and how to recognise when you are in a state of anxiety and stress, or deflated depression. We also learn how and why cooking and food are really direct shortcuts to grounding you in the present, bringing you into a state of calm, and making you feel better.

Nina Kourea will then teach you ways how to prep your fridge so you have more options to cook healthier and tastier meals and show you how easy it is. Nina sees cooking as a creative process, and believes everyone has the power to cook beautiful food without too much fuss. Cooking is a great way to de-stress and get creative.

This workshop involves smelling, tasting, preparing and enjoying food!

* Please let us know if you have any food allergies or intolerances. Please note this workshop is for ages 18+

What to expect:

  • A safe, friendly, supportive welcoming space
  • No expectations about your cooking ability or experience
  • Some information about anxiety, depression, stress and how it presents in our bodies, and how cooking can make a difference
  • Anyone interested in exploring this topic is welcome. Whether you have a diagnosed mental health condition, or are looking for some more tools to maintain wellness, and everything in between, you are welcome.

You will take home some handouts and exercises, as well as a full, happy belly!

This workshop is part of our MakeShift program: Social prescribing that brings people face to face with evidence based activities, to help our mental health. Make new habits, to shift the old ones.

Nina Kourea

Nina is a passionate foodie and artist. She has cooked most of her life learning from her Yiayia (Greek nanna) and both her parents who ran food businesses for many years. Nina loves to travel and discover new cultures and traditions. She loves to invite people into her studio and treats everyone like family. She loves sharing her knowledge of food and teaching people simple skills to get inspired in the kitchen. No previous cooking experienced necessary!

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