Baklava with Arzu

3 hours
$75-85 incl. GST
Hidden Harvest Kitchens (Society City)

Learn to make this indulgent and beloved sweet and nutty Middle Eastern treat the traditional way. Passionate pastry chef Arzu will take you through the process, from making real ghee to whipping up the special sugar syrup and delicious nutty filling. You'll then get to roll two different styles of baklava, chat and enjoy Turkish coffee (and some pre-made pastries!),  while it bakes to perfection, ready for you to take home and devour!

Arzu Oney

Arzu moved to Australia from Turkey 30 years ago and promised herself that when her kids grew up she would follow her dreams and train to be a professional chef. Now a qualified commercial cook, baker and pastry chef, her new dream is to share her skills and passions in her community! Her joy is cooking and creating foods that bring happiness to all who see and taste them!

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