Christmas Kokedama

6 - 7:30pm
90 mins
Lou and Bobby's Cafe, Thirroul

Make your own kokedamas - ornamental plants growing in a ball of soil covered in moss. In this class you'll get an overview of what a kokedama is, what it requires to thrive and the cultural origins of this plant style. Watch and learn how to construct it (and why we do it how we do it), then get your hands dirty crafting two of your own "indoor pets" to take home and nurture! Make them Xmas themed to brighten up your festive decor, or just keep it simple. Also a perfect gift!

Sarah Anderson

From arts training and travel to permaculture and market gardening, Sarah is the founder, educator and grower of local business Popes Produce. Inspiring homegrown grown food, gardening and creative adventurers is what they're all about.

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