Commuter Crafts

5 hours
Thirroul Heritage Railway Hall

For this unique workshop on the move, you will meet Vita Cochran at Central Station and board the 9.29 train to the coastal town of Thirroul. Whilst on the train you will start the craft conversation and begin your making journey.

On arrival in Thirroul you will experience a range of craft techniques during two workshops at the beautiful Thirroul Heritage Railway Hall. Vita will teach you how to make Rag Rugs using recycled textiles and local makers Mel Young & Chrystie Longworth will lead a session focussing on portable jewellery making techniques including beadmaking and cordage.

Returning home at the end of an immersive day of material play via the beautiful coastal train journey, you will be able to continue your making and craft conversations, inspired by the endless possibilities for craft on the go and with some unique wearable pieces and adornment for your home!

Let us teach you some creative commuter crafts that you can spend your time
making whilst you wait to arrive at your destination!

All materials and lunch are provided.

Vita Cochran , Mel Young and Chrystie Longworth


Vita Cochran is a New Zealand maker who has recently moved to Sydney. She began making handbags and other objects in 2000, and her work is held in the collections of Te Papa Tongarewa, the Otago Museum, the Dowse & Objectspace. Vita’s work is available at NG Boutique in Christchurch and she is represented by Anna Miles Gallery.


Mel Young is an established contemporary jeweller whose practice spans exhibition work and studio production jewellery. She primarily engages with the idea of ‘place’ and explorations of materiality, with an emphasis on found, natural or re-purposed materials as vehicles for narrative. She has a particular interest in low-tech making, and a passion for hand-making string (or cordage). Mel is a firm believer that a great deal can be done with very little, as such her work explores and incorporates elements from a broad range of craft practices including textiles. Her skills in coil weaving and cordage creation are astonishing, Mel is always twiddling away at something!


Originally trained at Sydney College of the Arts as a printmaker, Chrystie has been somewhat obsessed with clay for the last 12 years, reveling in the medium and its endless possibilities.

The brand Cobalt & Kin was forged with the mantra "Treasures Worth Keeping" where all pieces are imbued with a feeling of the handmade. Not interested in competing with the “perfection” of machine made items Chrystie is more interested in the little details that make a work truly sing.

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