Cook Off & Feast

3 hours
274 Crown street, Wollongong

Hidden Harvest's Cook Off & Feast brings the topic of food waste literally to the table, by providing the challenge to transform 20kg of rescued food into a delicious feast.

Participants will learn the tools & forks to tackle food waste and help shape a sustainable food future.

In this 3 hour evening event, you'll participate in the cook off, then sit down for dinner with new comrades.

This is a unique opportunity to see, feel and taste how delicious the ignored, overlooked and surplus by-products of our food system
can be!

So get your friends together, for a night out with a difference.

Hidden Harvest

The crew of Hidden Harvest are a not-for-profit organisation, they upskill our community by giving them the tools and forks to tackle food waste and shape a sustainable food future.

Celebrating the ignored, overlooked or surplus (by-) products of our food system. With regular pop-up events, They facilitate the big conversations about food waste in a fun and lively setting, where all are welcome! Essentially, the HH fam reaches out to the community with great food that wouldn’t normally make it on the plate. By doing this, They hope to activate #MoreTasteLessWaste decisions in people’s everyday routines.

Join the conversation through their FB page:

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