Cringila food tour

2 hours
Cringila - Meet behind Cringila Pub

Come on a culinary experience of Cringila! On this guided tour, by Nina Kourea you’ll visit and taste the delights from all around the world in the heart of Cringila. We will visit deli’s, pizzerias, the local butcher and taste some of the Cringilia’s famous burek! Yum!

You’ll walk and talk and eat, your way around town!

Nina Kourea

Nina Kourea is our resident foodie! She has a great passion for photography and documentary. She has recorded the lives of circus performers, roller derby queens and entertainers. Her main passion is to celebrate the lives of women from all different backgrounds.She also loves to travel and meeting like minded people to share her creative spirit with. She is a currently working as a community arts worker in the Wollongong region.

See more of her photography world @ninaKfoto

See more of her Creative world @Five Islands Studio

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