DIY Kombucha

1:30 - 3pm
90 mins
Thirroul Railway Heritage Hall

Learn all you need to know to make your own inexpensive health boosting elixir - and curb your expensive store-bought kombucha habit! Great for your body, mind and soul. Join Gut Health Specialist, Stephanie Meades as she details the process and benefits of fermentation, the problems with pre-packaged kombucha, and the endless flavour combinations for your custom brew. 

During the workshop you will create your very own scoby baby (which stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), the low-pH “mother” from which your kombucha will spring, and you'll be shown everything you need to do to care for it and produce countless bottles of your own tasty, health boosting brew. Bring a small glass jar, a thirst for knowledge and a readiness to incorporate more probiotics into your day!

Stephanie Meades

Holistic Health Coach – assisting individuals, families and workplaces improve their health and wellbeing through empowering them to make simple healthy lifestyle choices across three main pillars of health – nutrition, movement and mindset.

Spend a minute getting to know Steph:

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