Make Moussaka

3 hrs
Five Islands Studio, Port Kembla

Come and Join Nina Kourea at Five Islands Studio and make a delicious Moussaka from scratch. She will teach you all the tips and tricks to getting that authentic Greek flavour. Then we will sit and enjoy a luxurious lunch.In this 2 hour class you will learn how to make a traditional moussaka with all the trimmings.So this class is not for the vegetarians. But it is gluten-free.Have fun in the kitchen, laugh and be merry

Nina Kourea

Nina Kourea has a great passion for photography and documentary. She has recorded the lives of circus performers, roller derby queens and entertainers. Her main passion is to celebrate the lives of women from all different backgrounds.She also loves to travel and meeting like minded people to share her creative spirit with.She also runs the Five Islands Studios, a gallery, studio and workshop space in Port Kembla. Nina has worked for countless galleries and artists in hanging exhibitions, and ran the Studio 19 Gallery in Wollongong for a number of years.

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Nina Kourea

Five Islands Studio

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