Oil Painting Exploration

3x2 hour sessions

In this 3 week Oil painting exploration, Naomi Ulllman will teach you the wonderful world of Oil painting. These workshops will allow you to explore the different materials, paints and brushes to create a finished artwork by the end of the 3 week course.

This series will give you the chance to learn and develop a new skill, absolute beginners welcome, and those wishing to hone in on their painting skills. Naomi's knowledge and expertise in the fine arts is a wonderful presence to be amongst.

Guaranteed you'll love spending your Saturday afternoons painting away the hours in her stunning leafy studio space in Coledale.

Held Saturday afternoons 2-4pm

-10th August

-17th August

-24th August

Naomi Ullmann

Naomi Ullmann holds a Masters of Fine Arts. Her work has employed painting, drawing, shadow projections and snow domes to investigate contemporary issues of  environment, migration and shelter. Her current work explores the nature of fate and our ability to recognise the truth within our growing dependence on the virtual world.

Thanks,visit: Naomiullmann.com

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