Photography Skills Day 2019

6 hrs
Clifton School of Arts

Learn to make the jump from the automatic setting. With all the technology and equipment in our hands, how do you make the camera take a photo the way you truly see the world.

This immersive day of photography skills will be a workshop run by 3 talented photographers, Rita aka the Portrait thief, Jon Harris; A talented landscape and professional photographer and Billie who is a wonderful teacher and skilled photographer.

Come along and BRING YOUR CAMERA, and delve into the world of photography for the day! The workshops will be 3 sessions from each photographer, you'll gain valuable experience and expertise. Set in the beautiful Clifton School of Arts.

Light lunch provided!

Billie Acosta and Rita "The Portrait Thief"

Billie is a local mum and freelancer whose own journey towards creative expression inspired a desire to connect with like-minded individuals.

Rita takes the most intriguing portraits, that's why they call her the Portrait theif. capturing the true essence of her subjects, with attention to light and detail.

Rita first started taking portraits in Palestinian camps in Lebanon. "I'm intrigued by people's faces and expressions also the way light hits and shapes a subject. I believe photography is capturing light dancing upon a subject"

Jon Harris is the self proclaimed South Coast Landscape photographer! He has an eye for shooting landscapes and has a huge appreciation for the environmental footprint of travel. His work in all areas of photography has driven his business in many directions. He is a true talent to learn from!

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