Make a Ring workshop

2 x workshops
Thirroul Herritage Hall

Make your own ring in this 2 part workshop. Learn the art of wax carving to create a solid ring with texture, shape and detail that is only limited by your imagination!

This workshop will allow you to learn and try something new, It gives you the chance to make and create your very own Brass/ Silver or Gold (if your budget allows)

-materials at an extra cost to be worked out dependant on chunkiness of your ring.

You'll begin by carving the wax into the shape and form you desire, then over the break it will be cast into the metal of your choice. Returning in the 2nd part of the workshop to clean up the ring, polish and wear your masterpiece!

The class size is intimate, and is designed to give you quality one-on-one time with our very talented teacher.

28th July + 11th August

Mel Young

Mel Young is an established contemporary jeweller whose practice spans exhibition work and studio production jewellery. She primarily engages with the idea of ‘place’ and explorations of materiality, with an emphasis on found, natural or re-purposed materials as vehicles for narrative. She has a particular interest in low-tech making, and a firm belief that a great deal can be done with very little. As such her work explores and incorporates elements from a broad range of craft practices including textiles. Working with the lost wax process allows for play and inventive explorations of materiality and form. It is one of Mel’s favourite jewellery techniques and an area that she is constantly exploring and pushing through her making.

Follow Melinda’s creative journey via Instagram: @unnaturaljeweller

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