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The Window of Tolerance


It's been an incredibly stressful, uncertain and anxious time for so many during the COVID-19 crisis, and many of us have felt our mental health impacted.

Mental health is a spectrum of experience and we, as humans, all move up and down on a continuum of wellness and illness in regards to our mental state.

Learning to notice the signs when we are moving out of our window of what is comfortable is a great first step in being equipped to take care of our own mental health.

The Window of Tolerance, a tool developed by Dan Siegel, is a great way to build and strengthen this habit of noticing when we are moving into a state of hyper-arousal, or, on the other end of the spectrum, hypo-arousal. By noticing, without judgement, we can then be better informed to take steps that will help us return to our window.

Hypo and hyper arousal are two different physiological responses to stress, fear, anxiety, grief, trauma, loss of hope, and so the strategies we use to bring us back into our window of tolerance are different depending on how our body and brain and nervous system is responding.

For some tips on a range of strategies, some creative that are proven in evidence to shift either hyper or hypo arousal, check out our blog post HERE.

MakeShift is our initiative of programs, resources, courses and training that educates how creative practices and creativity can be vital parts of managing our mental health.

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