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Traditional Nuremberg Gingerbread

6 - 7:30pm
90 mins
Lou and Bobby's Thirroul

This traditional form of delicious, spicy and nut-laden gingerbread has been a beloved Christmas treat in Germany since the 14th century! Lisi will demonstrate the perfect way to blend a special selection of nuts and spices then make, cut and bake the dough. She'll then demo and explain the traditional methods of decorating these sweet, spicy delights, ready to gift for Christmas, decorate the Xmas tree with or simply devour yourself! Wine, coffee and Lisi's special spice mix will be available for purchase as you watch and learn at the cosy Lou and Bobby's Cafe.

Lisi Williams

For as long as she can remember Lisi has been baking and crafting with her grandmothers and mother, especially in the time leading up to Christmas. In Germany, when the days get shorter and the weather colder the best thing to do is to fill the house with the delightful scents of Christmas, listen to music, light candles and get creative. Although Australia’s climate is very different, Lisi still enjoys the time leading up to Christmas - and bringing some of Germany’s rich Christmas traditions to her adopted home country.

You can find her delicious recipes and blog at

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