Workshop: Trees as Therapy

10am - 12pm
2 hrs
Gibsons Track, Austinmer (meeting point will be emailed)

A prescription of nature for managing anxiety, stress and depression.

It is a proven science that being in nature has a profound impact on our mood, levels of anxiety, stress and feelings of overwhelm. As humans, we are built to respond to the natural environment and to feel the awe that comes with being in the natural landscape. Getting up close to plants, trees, mountains, dirt, can be a really playful, powerful way to connect us to life, remind us of our place in the world, and reset our amygdala -the hub of stress and anxiety in our brains.

It's so easy to fall out of the practice of getting into nature, particularly when we are all so, so busy with work, study, family, caring for others, and trying to stay well. This workshop takes you on a gentle, playful exploration of how to get yourself into the habit of using nature, to feel better. With some information, tools and basics on the role that nature plays in responding to our physiological makeup, what it does to our brains, and our hearts, and some really beautiful ways to pay attention as we walk through the forest.

Join us for an easygoing walk through the local forest, co-facilitated by Rumpus, and led by local nature-lovers Matt Loft and Lucy Farrier. This experience includes information on how anxiety and stress present in our bodies, and why nature and other creative activities make a difference.

What to Bring

- enclosed shoes

- hat

- water bottle

- piece of fruit or snack

What to expect:

  • a safe, friendly, welcoming space
  • no expectations about your ability, experience or previous bushwalking
  • an opportunity to talk to others, or just revel in the quietness
  • some information about anxiety, stress and depression, how it presents in our bodies, and how nature makes a difference.

A light morning tea will be provided. You will take home some handouts and exercises to help build good habits of mindfulness, curiosity and reflection in nature.

This workshop is part of our MakeShift program: Social prescribing that brings people face to face with evidence based activities. Make new habits, to shift the old ones.

Rumpus, and Matt Loft & Lucy Farrier

Matt and Lucy share a love for the bush, it’s diversity of plants and animals and the interconnectedness of it all. Lucy is Bush regenerator and former National Parks and Wildlife Services Ranger. Matt is a passionate Camera Operator documenting the natural world. He works for a production company that showcase the wonders of the oceanic realm.

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