Funked-up Fashion: Wardrobe Revamp!

90 mins
Green Connect Op Shop Bellambi

Bored with your wardrobe but feel like it's a waste to throw things away? Desperately need a style revamp but not quite ready to kill your fashion darlings? Fashion designer Gina Barjeel is here to help!

In this 90min intro to upcycling your wardrobe she'll give myriad hints and tips on how to make unique new pieces from old favourites, alter classics to create new styles, and create a new look - with zero waste!

The best part - we'll finish with a Fashion Roadshow! Bring in that loved/hated item that's just not quite right, and the most interesting candidates will get Gina's tips on bringing it to life once more. Funk up your fashion this summer!

Gina Barjeel

Gina Barjeel is a local Fashion Designer whose passion for fashion and sustainability grew from a very young age. In 2018 Gina launched her sustainable fashion label “Gina Barjeel” ethically designed and manufactured in Australia. Her brand empowers and supports vulnerable women from different backgrounds by donating 10% of every purchase towards upskilling women in sewing/ fashion techniques and supporting them to start their own businesses. Gina holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and certificates in fashion Design from Italy.

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